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Assess Science Needs

Understand and assess the company’s business priorities, existing data, and current research roadmap to establish scientific needs.

Develop Scientific Strategy

Work cross-functionally to establish scientific priorities that are in alignment with company business priorities.

External Investigator Partnerships

Develop necessary infrastructure for partnerships with research investigators from universities and/or medical centers.

Build Evidence

Create the planning, processes, and necessary partnerships to publish papers and increase visibility and the company’s reputation as evidence-based.

Understand audience

Conduct surveys regarding end-user engagement, perceptions of the product, and the extent to which they find it helpful.

Build Scientific Advisory Board

Evaluate scientists and establish procedures for a scientific advisory board.

Conduct Effectiveness Research

Conduct research that aligns with business priorities.

Obtain Grants

Create the planning, processes, necessary partnerships, and manage grant writing.

Provide Education: Importance of Science

Educate the company about why science should be part of the business strategy.

Educate: Strategies for Behavior Change

Work cross-functionally to embed theory-based behavior change strategies to enhance sales, engagement, and retention of the product.

Support B2B priorities

Work with B2B teams to leverage science to obtain sales and marketing goals.

Embed Science in Marketing and Communications

Work with marketing/communications teams informing latest and greatest science and/or develop scientific studies to support marketing/comms.

Embed Science into Product

Inform product/content teams about relevant science, determine ways to embed science and/or internal research studies into product/content for sales, engagement and retention.

Establish a Team of Strong Scientists

Write job descriptions, interview, assist with hiring, train and mentor a scientific team.

Develop Processes to Conduct Science Internally

Work cross-functionally to establish rigorous scientific procedures and policies to conduct science internally.

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  1. Review business priorities across the company
    • Cross-functional team roadmaps may also be reviewed
  2. Work with the data science team to understand what data is currently being collected, how data can be used (e.g., understanding privacy policies), and brainstorm ideas/innovations for collaboration between science and data science team efforts that will improve yields 
  3. Make recommendations for data collection and what already available data could be analyzed for publication/evidence 
  4. Review studies (past, current, future) plan in relation to methods and how outcomes support business priorities 
  5. Make suggestions for improvements in methods used in ongoing research and future research plans 
  6. Provide an overview of the company’s science needs along with potential strategies to move science forward

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